Metcal’s MFR-1150 Desoldering System is a powerful, cost-effective system with a small footprint. The MFR-1150 has a powerful 0.85 bar vacuum built into the work stand which makes through hole desoldering clean and easy.
The MFR-1150 system includes a MFR-H5-DS Desoldering Pistol with an easy to change, large capacity solder collection chamber to ensure minimum downtime. The pistol can easily be converted to a pencil grip for additional control.

Metcal offers a wide range of long-life desoldering tips (DxP Tips) that will keep your equipment working efficiently. The MFR-1150 series is the best choice for small or large production environments which need exceptional desoldering and soldering performance from a unit with a small footprint.

MFR-1150 includes:
MFR-PS1100 Power Supply
MFR-H5-DS Desolder Hand Piece
MFR-WSDSX Desolder Venturi Workstand
AC-TC Desolder Tip Cleaner
– MFR-KTKIT Fittings & Air Hose Kit

Key Features & Benefits:

– Workstation uses shop air to create a vacuum that makes desoldering easier.
– Large capacity collection chamber reduces downtime.
– Pistol handpiece can easily be converted to a pencil grip for additional control.
– Tips/Cartridges not included.
– Compatible with DxP Series Tips.
– A full range of Upgrade Kits are available.

Weight 4.84 kg


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