The MX-500 Series has been reimagined, adding features and a new look to a bench top icon. The system utilizes SmartHeat® technology, wherein each cartridge is equipped with a self-regulating heater which senses its own temperature and closely maintains its pre-set idle temperature for the life of the heater-tip. The tip temperature is determined by the inherent metallurgical properties of the heater, no external adjustment or equipment is required.
The MX-500 Series retains switchable dual port, 40W operation while introducing numerous new features in a new housing. A built -in net power meter which will display a graphical and numerical representation of the power applied to the cartridge. The time to enter PowerSave mode is adjustable from 10 to 120 minutes. The AC ground monitor detects power line ground failures and immediately alerts the operator and shuts down the system.

The MX-500UF incorporates the MX-H2-UF UltraFine Hand Piece for Ultrafine Soldering. This allows for the soldering & rework of very small components which may be difficult to control with the standard MX Hand Piece. The MX-500AV is also ideal for applications with restricted access or high-density packaging on a PCB.

The MX-500AV also includes an MX-500P Power Supply , and a MX-W1AV Advanced Work Stand.

Key Features & Benefits:

– Integrated power indication meter
– Dual Switchable Ports
– Integrated power indication meter
– User programmable PowerSave mode
– Ground fault interrupt
– Universal power supply
– Greater process control with SmartHeat® technology
– Reduced space requirements.
– Tips/Cartridges not included.
– Compatible with UFTC Tips.
– A full range of Upgrade Kits are available.

Weight 5.50 kg


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