Solder Paste

We provide a full range of lead and Lead-Free Solder Pastes. Including Solder Pastes by both Qualitek and Senju, our Solder Paste range cover most electronics applications.

Senju Solder Paste

Senju is at the forefront of development for new solder pastes to address society’s ever changing need for faster communication, greater memory , product miniaturisation, higher reliability in automotive and medical fields, together with personnel devices and wearables.

Senju now offers both printable and jetting solder pastes that utilise particle 6 powder which can easily cope with 01005 chips and micro BGA devices. Common process problems such as Voiding, BGA Head in Pillow (HIP ), flux and solder splatter during laser reflow, low temperature alloys for temperature sensitive components and the need for stronger alloys offering higher reliability under shear strain and drop shock have all been addressed and are commercially available

Lead-Free Paste

Performance IndicatorsProductSAC305M794M10M40L29Type 4Type 5Type 6J-STD
Low VoidingGRN360-K1-V8xxxROL0
Fine Pitch PrintingULT369xxROL0
Ultra-FineRGS800HF xxxROL0
Low TemperatureL29-145HFxxROL0

Leaded Paste

Performance IndicatorsProduct63/3762/36/2Type 3J-STD
Excellent Reliability221CM-ZxxxROL0

Qualitek Solder Paste

Qualitek is at the forefront in solder paste technology, producing formulations including Delta 825HF, a market leader throughout Europe, which meets the latest IPC standards. Delta 825HF is Halide and Halogen free, available in fine particle size across a range of alloys.

Qualitek produce a complete range of solder pastes, including no clean, water soluble and traditional rosin based pastes ideal for military & aerospace applications. Qualitek solder pastes are manufactured in the UK offering short lead times and low MOQs.

Lead Free Paste

Performance IndicatorsProductSAC305SN100ESn41/Bi57/Ag1Type 3Type 4Type 5J-STD
No Clean825HFxxxxxROL0
Water Soluble798LFxxxxORH0
No Clean863xxxxxROL0
Dispensing (Water Soluble)718DxxxxORH0

Leaded Paste

Performance IndicatorsProduct63/3762/36/210/88/2Type 3Type 4Type 5J-STD
No Clean RMA230xxxxxxROL0
No Clean818xxxxROL0
Water Soluble775xxxxxORL0
Dispensing Paste619DxxxxxREL0
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