Vapour Phase Soldering

Vapour Phase Soldering or ‘Condensation Soldering’ uses Galden® Fluid and Solder Paste to solder components to
PCB’s through thermal energy and heat transference.

Vapour Phase Soldering

Vapour Phase Soldering or ‘Condensation Soldering’ uses thermal energy, created through phase change within a heat transfer medium, to solder components to PCB’s. The complete heating process takes place within an oxygen free environment, offering a highly controlled temperature range which will only heat the assembly up to the boiling point of the Galden fluid utilised. Vapour Phase Soldering is ideally suited to high density, complicated designs which are generally expensive, low volume/high yield assemblies.

Solder Connection supplies a range of Galden Vapour Phase Fluids suitable for all makes of Vapour Phase Equipment, alongside a full range of Solder Pastes which is used to print the board before placing into the Vapour Phase machine. For advice on Vapour Phase Soldering products, contact our sales Office and ask to speak to our Technical team.

Solder Paste
Vapour Phase Solder Paste

Solder Paste

Galden Fluid

Galden® LS/HS Fluid

What is Galden?

Vapor Phase Soldering, uses Galden® fluorinated fluids, which act as a heat transfer medium, emitting controlled thermal energy during its phase change from gas like to solid state. This phase change (Condensation) on the surface of the soldering substrate will last until the assembly has reached the temperature of the vapor, commonly 215 or 230 degrees centigrade.

Galden® LS/HS, supplied by Solder Connection, is a line of fully fluorinated, inert fluids with a narrow molecular weight distribution as well as the very strong carbon-fluorine bond. Galden® LS and HS (LS/HS) provide a lead-free solution for VPS processing up to 260°C, the broadest temperature range of lead-free solutions that are able to withstand higher processing temperatures.

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