3D Printed Connectors

Don’t have a way to connect your 3D printer to our extractors? Connectors for your 3D printer can be printed from the files linked below or as part of our 3D Printing Service.

Connecting fume filtration to your 3D printer has previously caused problems for many companies who have been unable to successfully source cost effective adaptors for their systems.

To aid customers, BOFA International have designed and published a range of adapters that can be printed in house, and will link most 3D Printers with the BOFA 3D Print Pro Fume Filtration Range. BOFA recommends using PLA as the feed material due to it’s durability, however other materials are commercially available.

If an in house printer is not available, Solder Connection can provide a 3D printing service to meet your requirements.

‘Print Your Own’ Connectors

With such a wide variety of designs for 3D printers, BOFA has created an easily accessible library of on-demand parts for all attachment possibilities, starting with the most common connection point – exhaust fans.

Simply measure the outer dimensions of the fan or fan housing on your 3D Printer and then select the appropriate file. Five different sizes are available offering you the option of bolted or adhesive options. This allows you to either stick it onto the side of your enclosure or screw it onto the fan ports. Once you have read the instruction manual, download the right STEP file and print your own.

Adhesive & Bolted

Instruction Manual:
PDF Download

‘Print Your Own’ Manifolds

The two manifolds are designed to work with the 3D PrintPRO 2 and 3 extraction systems, to provide an air delivery system on one side of the 3D printer, and an air extraction system on the other.

Available in 30mm (inlet) and 50mm (inlet and outlet).

There are four parts to each manifold, a connection spigot and first piece, a middle piece (can be repeated to extend manifold), and an end piece.

The air outlet has slots along the top of the manifold, allowing a clean band of ultra clean air to flood the open face of the printer. The air inlet manifold has a open grill of hexagons sucking in the contaminated air, which will pull all the fumes and printing vapors away from the 3D printing area.

The end plug and connection spigots can be put on either end of the manifold to allow for correct positioning on the 3D printer.

Air Outlet & Air Inlet Sections
Spigot & End Plug

Instruction Manual:
PDF Download

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