Senju GAO Series Solder Wire designed to create a comfortable work environment and excellent cosmetic appearances after soldering.

The ‘GAO Series” was developed taking into consideration the health of production operators and technicians assembling printed circuit boards. The GAO Series demonstrates very low fumes and odour even under high soldering iron temperatures and leaves an excellent cosmetic appearance on the solder joints after soldering as it does not cause charring or the presence of air bubbles even at soldering iron tip temperatures of 400°C or higher. The formulation is specifically designed to significantly suppresses the flux fumes and odour to such an extent as to create a very comfortable soldering environment for your employees. The ‘GAO Series,” which connects a healthy work environment to the future, is perfect for customers who use high solder iron tip temperatures for soldering in a short amount of time.

Key Product Features and Benefits:

– The flux does not burn even at high temperatures.
– Fumes and odour greatly reduced
– Creates comfortable work environment
– Flux Classification: ROM1
– Flux Type & Content: JIS A Class, MIL RA – 3%
– Recommended tip temperature: 350-450°C
– Available lead-free alloys: M24AP (Sn0.6/Cu/Ni/P) & M24MT (Sn0.7/Cu/Ni/P) – SN100C Equivalent.
– Available diameters – 0.5 – 1.2mm

Recommended Applications:

– Suitable for hand soldering applications.
– Suitable for soldering components with large heat capacity

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