Senju Sparkle 221CM-Z Series Leaded Solder Paste is an excellent general purpose solder paste is most commonly available as 62SN/36PB/2AG alloy with a melt point of 178°C.

Utilising particle size 4 solder particles gives this paste excellent print characteristics across a wide range of apertures, good workability during the printing cycle, long stencil life and superb solderability across a number of different solderable finishes including OSP. Long term reliability has proven to be a good positive point in choosing this solder paste ahead of the competition.

221CM-Z offers superior cosmetics after oven reflow with very little flux discolouration or cracking evident under inspection. It is ideal for printing fine pitch devices such as QFP 0.5mm – 0.4mm and BGA 0.65mm – 0.5mm spacing.

Key Product Features and Benefits:

– Fine pitch Printing capability.
– Excellent Solderability over all finishes.
– Long stencil working life.
– High Surface Insulation qualities
– Ease of workability.
– Flux Classification: ROL0
– Halogen Content less than <500 ppm
– Available in leaded alloys 63/37 & 62/36/2

Recommended Applications:

– Lower temperature reflow compared to lead free.
– Good choice for more traditional PCB designs.
– General purpose electronics good all-round printable solder paste.
– Ideal for many finer pitch designs.


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