Senju SEN Series Solder Wire is a sputter-free, high insulation product that is highly recommended for robotic and laser soldering applications. The electronics industry continues to advance with ever higher density of component packaging together with expectations of higher reliability, this type of environment can easily be compromised with a simple splash of solder or flux inducing potential failure.

The ‘SEN Series” is newly developed for the complete reduction of solder and flux splash. In addition, health and safety concerns regarding the operator are addressed limiting the opportunity of solder or flux splash which may adhere to the hands and create a burn to the skin, together with the suppression flux fumes, which are of concern due to inhalation and the adverse effects it has on the human body, this solder wire looks to create an Eco-friendly working environment. The ‘SEN Series” connects to the future with automation. Rosin Mildly Activated type with high insulation and no corrosion materials are ideal for optical products such as automotive and OA applications.

Key Product Features and Benefits:

– Non Splash of flux and solder through exclusive control – Even at Robotic Speeds & during Laser applications
– Flux Classification: ROL1
– Flux Type & Content: JIS AA Class, MIL RMA – 3% & 4%
– Recommended tip temperature: 320-380°C
– Available lead-free alloys: M705 (SAC305), M35 (SAC0307) & M24MT (SN100C).
– Available diameters – 0.5 – 1.2mm

Recommended Applications:

– Suitable on all soldering applications including robotics.
– Best in class for Laser Soldering.

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