TSC Puralloy® SN100C is a lead-free solder alloy, comprised of tin/copper. TSC Puralloy® SN100C is a cost-effective, lead-free solder alloy developed and patented by Nihon Superior Co. Ltd in Japan. SN100C has been manufactured using a tin/copper eutectic alloy, with the addition of small quantities of
both Nickel & Geranium. The inclusion of Nickel reduces copper dissolution and creates shiny joints, the addition of Geranium reduces dross production. These additions ensure that SN100C is a suitable alternative for any lead-free wave soldering process with comparable performance to SAC alloys, with a lower cost of ownership that SAC alloys.

Key Features & Benefits:

– Melt Point – 232°C
– Smooth, Bright Solder Joints
– Bridge-Free Soldering
– Low Cost – Does Not Contain Silver
– Reduced Copper Erosion from Holes, Pads and Tacks Dross Rate
– Complies with IPC J-STD-006
– Compatible with all Flux Types
– Available in a range of formats including Bar, Chunks, Pellets, and Feed Wire

Technical Properties:

– Density 7.29 g/cm3
– Electrical Resistivity 0.124 micro-ohms/m
– Thermal conductivity 73 W/m/K
– Tensile Strength 135 Kgf/cm2
– Brinell Hardness 4HB


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