Senju EcoSolder LS720V Series Low Ag Solder Paste is a No clean RoHS compliant alloy having a Low Silver content and with no Halogens intentionally.

Many areas of the electronic assembly market are looking at saving costs without compromising reliability, by using a lower silver content with this new solder paste as compared to the more traditional SAC305 alloy has addressed this cost saving and still maintains a high reliability product that performs well within the SMT process.

Earlier formulations of solder paste within the electronics sector suffered from negative feedback due to the low silver content causing a potential deterioration in thermal fatigue together with the higher melting point of the alloy creating component failures.

However the Senju research and development team developed the LS720V series paste to alleviate these initial problems by further optimising the alloy elements and creating a new exclusive flux chemistry, which now offers us a solder paste that performs as well as the more traditional SAC305 alloy and offers much better wetting and solderability across a number of different substrates.

This new solder paste rheology offers excellent workability on the stencil and good print consistency across a broad range of aperture sizes.

Key Product Features and Benefits:

– Cost saving by using lower silver content
– Same process window (Print & Reflow) & Quality as SAC305 solder paste.
– Same or more high reliability of solder joint as SAC305 solder paste.
– Reducible Head in Pillow, Tombstone problem.
– High yield in AOI, ICT process and Excellent Flux cosmetics after reflow.
– Excellent print consistency for a broad range of aperture size.
– M40 solder has a Mat surface finish after solidified which will bring about high yield in AOI process.
– Equal solderability compared to previous SAC305 solder paste.
– Flux Classification: ROL0
– Available in lead-free alloy M40 (Sn1/Ag0.7/Cu/Bi/In))
– Available in Type 4 Particle Size

Recommended Applications:

– Designed with the consumer market in mind electronic products assembled with this solder paste incorporating the low silver content will see significant material saving when compared with traditional SAC305 alloys.
– Suitable mobile communications and wearable devices as drop shock reliability has proven to be a good design feature here.


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