Senju’s LEO Series Solder Wire allows for low-temperature soldering, through Senju proprietary processing technologies.

Conventionally, Sn-Bi (tin-bismuth) solder alloys could not be used in the manufacture of flux cored solder products, due to their hardness and low ductility. Senju has succeeded in developing the ‘LEO Series” of Sn-Bi low-temperature flux cored solder, which leads the electronics industry, by fully utilizing our propitiatory processing technologies. The LEO series uses an alloy with a low melting point, which enables soldering at 200°C, and also makes it possible to reduce energy consumption and reduce solder iron tip wear, material and production costs can be reduced. Moreover, the rework materials will accelerate low-temperature soldering using Sn-Bi solder in reflow oven. The ‘LEO Series,” is an ideal product to use when soldering heat sensitive products.

Key Product Features and Benefits:

– Lower energy requirements.
– Ideal for temperature sensitive devices.
– Reduced Solder Tip wear.
– Compatible with Low Temperature Solder Pastes.
– Flux Classification: ROM1
– Flux Type & Content: JIS A Class Equiv, MIL RA – 2%
– Recommended tip temperature: 200-300°C
– Available lead-free alloys: L20 (Sn58/Bi42)
– Eutectic – 141°C
– Available diameters – 0.8 & 1mm

Recommended Applications:

– Recommended for all hand soldering methods.
– Low melting point ideal for heat sensitive components.
– Suitable for repairs as the melting point drops when mixed with SAC305 alloys

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