Senju EFC Series Flux Cored Solder Wire is ideal for Ultra fine soldering applications. Today in our electronic devices that are becoming increasingly sophisticated and multifunctional, such as wearable devices and smartphones, the demand for size reduction and integration of components is constantly growing. Therefore, there is a strong market demand for high-density package designs incorporating ultra-fine pitch. The ‘EFC Series” is a flux cored solder manufactured exclusively for ultra-fine connections which has been developed through the utilization of the Senju proprietary elongate wire-drawing technology, in which flux chemistry is contained in the middle of ultra-fine wire with a diameter of 80 µm.

The series features low flux and solder splashing, excellent wetting and good solder fluidity, helping to achieve ultra-fine connections. In addition the solder wire comes specially packaged to prevent oxidation during storage periods, hereby maintaining its overall performance.

The ‘EFC Series,” which connects the future of fine pitch packaging, is optimal for the soldering of fine pitch or micro-pattern devices using fine controlled soldering irons.

Key Product Features and Benefits:

– High insulative flux offers reliability for soldering fine pitch devices.
– Ultra-fine wire diameters allow for soldering fine pitch devices.
– Low solder splatter and fuming increases reliability on fine device interconnection.
– Flux Classification: ROL1
– Flux Type & Content: JIS AA Class, MIL RMA – 3%
– Recommended tip temperature: 320-380°C
– Available lead-free alloys: M705 (SAC305).
– Available diameters – 0.08 – 0.2mm

Recommended Applications:

– Features high insulation resistance flux designed for narrow-pitch, multi-pin devices.
– Ultra-fine wire is ideal for miniaturised components
– Excellent for fine pitch components due to low flux and solder splash.

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