Senju CBF Series Flux Cored Solder Wire is ideally suited for high-density printed circuit boards, available in all common wire sizes including ultra-fine diameters all with halogen free flux within the core.

Halogen is a collective name for the group of elements such as fluorine, chlorine, bromine, and iodine (group 17 of the periodic table). Some materials containing these halogen elements generate dioxins when burned. Generally, a slight amount of halogen is added as an activator of flux. Senju however, offers a variety of halogen-free flux products. The ‘CBF Series” consists of halogen-free flux cored solder wire that satisfies many industry standards. Having excellent wettability and being a halogen-free flux, it is suitable for laser soldering or drag soldering for fine pitch leads. The ‘CBF Series” is optimal for the production of environmentally friendly products, and connects high-density packaging to the future.

Key Product Features and Benefits:

– Excellent wettability despite being halogen-free flux
– Contains low levels amounts of chlorine and bromine that satisfy the halogen-free standard.
– Improves wettability and suppresses bridge generation during drag soldering.
– Flux Classification: ROL1
– Flux Type & Content: JIS AA Class, MIL RMA – 3%
– Recommended tip temperature: 320-380°C
– Available lead-free alloys: M705 (SAC305), M35 (SAC0307) & M24MT (SN100C).
– Available diameters – 0.5 – 1.2mm

Recommended Applications:

– Suitable for both hand soldering and laser soldering systems.
– CBF Series is ideally suited to drag and fine pitch soldering due to high flux fluidity.
– Suitable for processes in which heat is applied for a long period with low splash and high thermal resistance.

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