Puralloy® Grade K 60/40 is a leaded solder alloy incorporating lead and tin, with a melting range of between 183-190°C. Grade K is a High Purity Leaded Alloy (60Sn /40Pb) manufactured from a grade of solder alloy with purity levels meeting all the requirements of both national and international standards. Grade K is widely used across a range of Electronics & industrial processes, as it is ideal for all soldering applications involving brass and copper components due to the excellent flow, good wetting characteristics, provision of a strong joint and a bright finish to your solder joint. Grade K is a lower cost alternative to Grade A (63/37). Suitable liquid fluxes would be Bakers Soldering Fluid and TSC 920 for both brass and copper.

Key Features & Benefits:

– Leaded Solder Alloy
– Low Viscosity, high mobility
– Ultra-low impurity levels.
– Refined grain structure.
– Meets IPC J-STD -006
– BSEN29453 Alloy Number 12
– Melt Point – 185-190°C
– Very good wetting characteristics and capillary action.
– Ideal for both Electronics & Industrial applications.
– Available in a range of formats including Bar, Tinman Sticks, Blowpipe and Feed Wire

Technical Properties:

– Density 9.28 g/cm3
– Electrical Resistivity 0.171 micro-ohms/m
– Thermal conductivity 44 W/m/K
– Tensile Strength 380 Kgf/cm2
– Tensile Elongation 25 %
– Brinell Hardness 12HB


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