Senju NEO Series Solder Wire is one of Senju most popular solder wires to date, it has been designed to work very well across many applications. It shows excellent wetting induced by flux fluidity. Its overall workability has many advantages over conventional solder wire. Offering a minimal level of flux and solder splattering and vastly reduced fume and odour not only contributes to the comfort of the operator but also to the work place in general. The very light post soldering flux residues offer excellent cosmetic attributes and allow for easy end of line inspection either manually or with AOI. This product is highly recommended for all lead free electronic assembly processes and is available in all common sizes.

Key Product Features and Benefits:

– Excellent general purpose wire
– Low Fume
– Low splatter
– Pleasant odour
– Good fluidity and wetting even on tarnished surfaces.
– Good cosmetic appearance
– Flux Classification: ROM1
– Flux Type & Content: JIS A Class Equiv, Single Cored – 3% & 4%
– Available lead-free alloys: M705 (SAC305)
– Available diameters – 0.85 – 1.25mm

Recommended Applications:

– All lead free electronic assembly processes

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