Senju EcoSolder GRN360-K1-V8 Lead-Free Solder Paste has continued to be an excellent all-round solder paste initially developed as a result of Senju’s experience when working with a number of key customers that needed a very stable solder paste, that would give consistent results throughout the production day. It features improved thermal properties for high temperature reflow. Very stable solder paste viscosity, excellent wettability, clear flux residues, which have a much-reduced risk of flux cracking away from the solder joints after reflowing, excellent joint cosmetics together with a reduced occurrence of mid chip solder balling.

Senju has always manufactured its own solder powders, creating very high quality, consistently spherical and guaranteed to have ultra-low levels of oxidation.

Key Product Features and Benefits:

– Very stable long-term viscosity.
– Excellent wetting even on oxidised surfaces.
– Clear residues.
– Good cosmetics.
– Reduced occurrence of solder balls.
– Flux Classification: ROL0
– Melting Temperature: 217-220°C
– Available in lead-free alloy M705 (SAC305)
– Available in Type 4 Particle Size

Recommended Applications:

– Excellent all-round solder paste, ideal for all applications today.
– Highly insulative residues offering good reliability.
– Very stable throughout stencil life.
– Cosmetically pleasing residues for no clean applications.


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