Puralloy® Grade 96S (Sn96.5/Ag3.5) is a lead-free solder alloy incorporating silver and tin with a melting point of 221°C.Grade 96S is known as a “silver bearing alloy”, a eutectic of pure tin and silver with similar properties to that of pure tin, in that it is bright, shiny, hardly tarnishes, is lead-free and non-toxic. However, in comparison to pure tin solder, 96S’ strength is far superior. It has higher electrical conductivity than other soft solders and has a melting point approximately 40°C higher than Tin / Lead 60/ 40 at 221°C.

96S finds many uses in the food and pharmaceutical industries for soldering of stainless-steel parts and fabrications of which it works exceedingly well. For this application we recommend out specialist A8 flux to create the solder joint.

The addition of silver into this alloy does not suppress absorption of silver from silver plated or metallisation’s into the solder. This solder alloy is not recommended for the soldering of gold parts.

Key Features & Benefits:

– Lead-free Solder Alloy
– BSEN29453 Alloy Number 7
– Melt Point – 221°C
– Ideal for both soldering stainless steel & nickel
– Available in a range of formats including Bar, Tinman Sticks, Blowpipe and Feed Wire

Technical Properties:

– Density 7.37 g/cm3
– Electrical Resistivity 0.123 micro-ohms/m
– Thermal conductivity 55 W/m/K
– Tensile Strength 580 Kgf/cm2
– Tensile Elongation 35%
– Brinell Hardness 15HB


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