Metcal’s MFR-1300 Desoldering System is a powerful, cost-effective system with a small footprint. With 0.7 bar of vacuum suction force, both the MFR-1300 Series have what it takes to make through-hole desoldering clean and easy. Each system includes a Desoldering Pistol with a large capacity, easy to change solder collection chamber to ensure minimum downtime. The pistol can easily be converted to a pencil grip for additional control. Metcal offers a wide range of long-life desoldering tips that will keep your equipment working efficiently. The MFR-1300 series is the best choice for small or large production environments which need exceptional desoldering and soldering performance from a unit with a small footprint.

The MFR-1351 unit has both desoldering and soldering capabilities, eliminating the need for two separate units, and provides handpieces for both applications. The MFR-1351 uses SmartHeat®, a microprocessor-controlled system which operates at lower temperatures and eliminates calibration time.

MFR-1160 Contains:
• MFR-PS1300 Soldering Station
• MFR-H5-DS Handpiece
• MFR-H1-SC2 Handpiece
• MFR-WSDSU Work stand
• WS1 Work stand

Key Product Features & Benefits:

• Dual switchable 60W output
• Self-contained internal pump and large capacity collection chamber makes desoldering easy
• Pistol handpiece can easily be converted to a pencil grip.
• SmartHeat® technology operates at lower and safer temperatures and eliminates overshoot.
• No calibration required which saves money and down-time
• Tips/Cartridges not included.
• Shop Air not required – MFR-1300 features internal pumps
• Compatible with SxP, RxP and DxP Tips
• A full range of Upgrade Kits are available.

Weight 6.22 kg


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