The MX-5200 soldering, desoldering and rework series has increased power and process control, with dual-simultaneous ports, ideal for two users or single user with dual applications. The MX-5200 can be operated with two handpieces dynamically sharing the 80 watts output power based on demand adding even more application flexibility and speed. Metcal SmartHeat technology, built into every Metcal system, means that soldering and rework processes are always performed at safe, controlled temperatures. Metcal users know that moderate fixed temperatures, where power is varied, provides the best assurance for a well-controlled soldering and rework process. The aluminium handpieces for soldering and rework provide a cooler, lighter weight, and more comfortable feel for the operator.

The MX-5210 includes a MX-PS5200 power supply, a MX-H1-AV Handpiece and a MX-W1AV Workstand.

The MX-5211 provides all required to support two operators, incorporating an MX-PS5200 power supply, two MX-H1-AV Handpieces and two MX-W1AV Workstands.

Key Product Features & Benefits:

– Fast recovery time
– Smart heat process control
– TipSaver’s Workstand improves tip life as well as operator ergonomics.
– Ergonomic Handpieces
– ESD safe
– Built-in power indication meter
– Tips/Cartridges not included.
– Compatible with STTC & SMTC Tips
– A full range of Upgrade Kits are available.

Weight N/A

MX-5210 (One Handpiece/Workstand), MX-5211 (Two Handpiece/Workstand)


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