The ESD safe BVX Circular Nozzle (BVX-NOZC) fits directly onto the end of the flexi- rigid arm BVX-ARM & BVX-ARML compatible with the BVX-101 Series , BVX-200 Series and BVX-250 Extraction Systems. The internal diameter of the nozzle is 119mm.

This part is supplied with a Nozzle Filter (FN-BVX). When inserted into the BVX-NOZC Nozzle the nozzle filter helps protect the BVX Unit against unwanted object which may cause damage to the system.

Key Product Features & Benefits:

– Manufactured from ESD safe rubber.
– Fits compatible arms for the BVX-101 Series , BVX-200 Series and BVX-250 Series Extraction Systems.
– Increases the airflow across the work piece.
– Will not damage the components on the PCB should accidental interference take place.
– Internal Diameter: 119mm

Weight 0.22 kg


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