The MFR-2200 Dual Output Series is designed to minimize your training investment, maximize application solutions, and increase productivity. This Series is compact and versatile and can be used with either one or two soldering tip, cartridge, or tweezers handpiece. A shop air desoldering option is also available as an upgrade kit. The Metcal MFR-2220 & MFR-2222 are ESD-Safe, soldering stations that include a soldering tip handpiece. These systems feature the patented Metcal SmartHeat technology which offers maximum power for high thermal applications.

The MFR-2220 includes an MFR-PS2200 Power Supply, a MFR-H2-ST2 Tip Hand Piece and a WS1 Auto Sleep Workstand.

The MFR-2221 provides all required to support two operators, incorporating an MFR-PS2200 Power Supply, two MFR-H2-ST2 Tip Hand Piece and two WS1 Auto Sleep Workstand.

Key Product Features & Benefits:

– SmartHeat® Technology provides exceptional power for high thermal demand applications.
– Single or Dual simultaneous outputs allow for single/dual handpiece use.
– Five hand-pieces available for increased application solutions for soldering
– Each handpiece has a comprehensive range of cartridges or tips for maximum flexibility.
– Ergonomic handpieces for operator safety and comfort
– Tips/Cartridges not included.
– Compatible with SxV & CxV Series Tips.
– A full range of Upgrade Kits are available.

Weight N/A

MFR-2220 (One Handpiece/Workstand), MFR-2222 (Two Handpiece/Workstand)


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