Senju ECOSolder RGS800HF Series Solder Paste is the latest No Clean solder paste from Senju is ideally suited to the very small chip components (01005) having been designed to work with particle size 5 and 6 solder powder. The Flux is Halogen Free with an IPC-J-STD classification of ROLO.

The RGS800HF paste rheology offers excellent printing performance, low voiding and actively prevents head in pillow (HIP) its overall viscosity throughout the working day has proven to be very stable on the stencil, creating volumetric consistency during aperture release. Nitrogen has not proven necessary on 01005 chips or 0.4mmP BGA packages.

Key Product Features and Benefits:

– Halide Free.
– Halogen Free.
– Flux Classification: ROL0
– Low Voiding.
– Reduces HIP.
– Excellent fine pitch printing.
– Long Stencil Life.
– Available in lead-free alloy M705 (SAC305)

Recommended Applications:

– Ultra-Fine pitch printing.
– Potential voiding issues on QFN Devices.
– Reducing HIP on thin BGA packages.


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