TSC Puralloy® SAC305 is a lead-free solder alloy, comprised of tin, silver & copper. SAC305 is first choice of many companies producing aerospace and high reliability electronic equipment, when lead-free alloys are required. Since 2007, the IPC’s Solder Products Value Council declared SAC305 as being the “preferred” lead-free solder alloy of choice within the electronics assembly market, replacing historical leaded alloys such as 60/40 and 63/37.

TSC Puralloy® SAC305 solder alloy is manufactured using a proprietary process which greatly reduces any dross inclusions and provides a highly pure, free flowing alloy which in turn reduces the risk of bridging and solder skips during wave and selective soldering. This lead-free silver bearing alloy has a very much proven superior performance record over many low silver and non-silver bearing lead free alloys.

TSC Puralloy® SAC305 alloys have been proven to perform well in wave soldering, surface mount reflows and hand soldering assembly and rework applications. Although the SAC305 alloy is not a eutectic alloy, as it has a “pasty range.” This lack of a sharp melting point minimizes tombstoning of passive components. The additional 3% silver content ensures maximum wetting performance and superior fluidity together with offering excellent mechanical properties, regarding thermal fatigue, strength of the solder connection, and resistance to mechanical stress.

Key Features & Benefits:

– Compatible with all Flux Types
– Melt Point – 217-220°C
– Excellent Wetting Speed
– Excellent Solderability and Spreading
– Reduced Bridging Versus Sn-Cu Alloys
– Complies with IPC J-STD-006
– Available in a range of formats including Bar, Chunks, Pellets and Feed Wire

Technical Properties:

– Density 7.38 g/cm3
– Electrical Resistivity 0.132 micro-ohms/M
– Thermal conductivity 58 W/m/K
– Tensile Strength 500 kgf/cm2
– Tensile Elongation 19%
– Brinell Hardness 15HB


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