Tannlin Manufacturing are a premier supplier of Laser cut stencils for the electronic assembly market, not only offering the latest in laser technology but also design and build laser cutting systems and associated automation. We can provide a range of accurately cut, highly intricate shapes in a variety of ultra-thin metals including stainless steel, high nickel alloys and titanium. With fully automated handling systems large volumes can be continual produced.

This flexible option can in many cases alleviate the need for complex hard tooling requiring many weeks to produce. A wide and diverse range of manufacturing sectors such as motor drives, automotive, aerospace etc are already seeing the benefits in using Tannlin for both their prototype and production requirements.

Key Features & Benefits:

– Very close machining tolerances
– Ability to use ultra-thin materials.
– Suitable for many different types of metal.
– No distortion or burring evident.
– No hard tooling required.
– Suitable for both Prototype and volume production.
– Fast turnaround from design to finished article.
– Design changes easily accomodated


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