The Metcal PCT 103-21 is a complete kit to further assist the rework and repair technician to undertake complex soldering and desoldering operations minimizing the risk to the components and solder pads.

The use of the thermocouple during the temperature profile will regulate and stabilse the heating and cooling cycle with the added comfort that the heater will automatically cut off once the fan switches off. The product fully complies with ESD requirements making it safe for all electronic enviroments.

This part is supplied with a PCT-100 Pre Heater , Arm Rest (PCT-AR) and integrated Board Holder (BH-010) .

Key Product Features & Benefits:

– Supplied with a PCT-100 Pre Heater, Arm Rest (PCT-AR) and Integrated Board Holder (BH-010).
– Will accelerate and enhance the lead-free SMT & through-hole rework process.
– Temperature ramps up quickly, maximizing productivity
– Adjustable knob controls the required temperature to below 300°C
– Controlled cool-down eliminates thermal shock to PCB and components
– Thermocouple feedback temperature control regulates output temperature
– System safety feature automatically shuts off heating when fan is stopped
– ESD safe

Weight 1.98 kg


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