Staticide 7001 is a static dissipating non-greasy, moisturising Staticide hand lotion for ESD control. Enriched with natural moisturisers, including aloe vera and vitamin E, Staticide Hand Lotion absorbs quickly into the skin and encourages good skin health. Daily use of this hand lotion relieves and prevents dryness, flaking and irritation of the hands caused by the constant use of gloves and chemicals.

The formula is non-acidic, greaseless and contains no glycerin, silicone, lanolin or mineral oil. It absorbs quickly into the skin, providing good contact between the skin and wrist strap, and will not contaminate work surfaces, leaving your work area ESD safe.

For optimum wrist strap performance, moisture on the skin is important. 7001 static dissipative hand lotion moisturises the skin for better bonding between the skin and wrist strap in ESD areas. Operators with dry skin may benefit from using anti-static hand lotion to improve wrist strap bonding to the skin. Dry skin may inhibit the removal of electrostatic charges and may cause a test failure.

Key Product Features & Benefits:

– Static dissipative; ESD safe.
– No glycerine, silicone, lanolin or mineral oil.
– Improves wrist strap performance.
– Fragrance-free.
– Will not contaminate surfaces.
– Non-corrosive.
– 250ml squeeze tube or 16oz.
– Suitable for use in EPAs and cleanrooms conforming to ANSI/ESD S20.20.

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