Staticide 6001 Mat & Tabletop Cleaner is a multi-purpose neutral cleaner that is designed for production areas including static control stations. It is the ideal cleaner for areas in which static-sensitive devices are assembled, tested, and handled, but can also be used in areas that require a mild but effective cleaner. This non-abrasive formula is safe to use on workstations, tabletops and anti-static mats, including rubber and vinyl.

6001 Mat & Tabletop Cleaner is a non-flammable cleaner that leaves no film or streaks. It effectively removes flux residues, oily finger-marks, grease, nicotine, dirt, grime and inorganic contaminants. It also removes dirt on chair mats and other antistatic mats without degrading the surface’s antistatic properties.

This part is also available as a 1 Gallon Container Size (6002). Please contact our sales team for a quotation for this container size.

Key Product Features & Benefits:

-Eliminates unsightly film or other residue that may build up on static-sensitive areas.
– Maintains original surface resistivity of anti-static mats and workbenches.
– Cleans, rejuvenates, and extends the life of ESD mats.
– Designed for cleaning any production area including assembly, testing, and areas where sensitive electronic components are handled.
– Meets or exceeds Mil 81705 & NFPA 56A with an electrostatic decay time of .1 second according to Federal Test Method 4046.
– Contains no alkali or ammonia.
– Contains no chemical on RoHS and REACH SvHC.
– Leaves no film or streaks.

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