Wondermask P is a temporary, peelable solder mask or resist composed of a thixotropic, synthetic acrylic latex designed to withstand fluxing, wave soldering, and cleaning operations. Unlike natural latex mask, the formulation is ammonia free with no odour, making it non-corrosive on copper, gold, silver, or pre-soldered surfaces and will not stain substrates. Natural latex formulations are prone to stability issues, issues avoided with Wondermask P. This product will flow smoothly during dispensing, dry quickly, withstand lead free solder temperatures and can be easily and cleanly removed post soldering.

When applied, the product appears opaque pink, and when cured, becomes completely translucent red. Cured mask can be used in water or solvent systems and in masking for conformal coatings. Excellent heat stability allows for prolonged exposure to high temperature without product degradation. This product may be used in most common forms of mask applications both manual and automatic. Ideal for conformal coating applications and masking gold fingers

Key Product Features & Benefits:

– Insoluble in water or solvent
– Contains no ammonia.
– No offensive odour
– Colour change on drying.
– Very Stable formulation
– Excellent shelf life.
– Totally Non-corrosive.
– Proven safe on all metals.
– Thixotropic by nature, stays where you put it.
– Will protect plated through holes and any contact surfaces from solder during soldering operations.

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