Screenclean 400 is a synergistic blend of high-performance Glycol Ethers and Hydrocarbons specifically designed for fast, effective removal of uncured solder paste and adhesive residues from screens, stencils, and associated tooling. It will also remove residues from misprinted PCB’s. Screenclean 400 is surfactant free and supplied ready to use and is suitable for a wide range of processes from hand spot cleaning, use in the solvent tanks on automatic stencil printers for between print under stencil cleaning through to immersion and spray type automatic stencil cleaning machines.

This product is available in Tubs of 200 Ultrawipes. Screenclean 400 is also available as a liquid for use within solvent tanks, supplied in a 10L container. Please contact our Sales Office for a quotation for this container size.

Ultrawipes are manufactured from a blend of virgin Polyester and Rayon hydro, creating a premium quality product developed to provide the optimum balance of attributes such as high absorbency, toughness, abrasion resistance and freedom from particle generation and abrasive characteristics found in other competing materials that contain wood pulp derived cellulose. Ultrawipe has been specially developed for the demanding service conditions of Under Stencil Automatic Cleaning systems and heavy-duty manual wiping tasks. It is also suited to critical applications involving lens and optic cleansing. Ultrawipe material is stable when saturated with all types of industrial solvents, acids, alkali, amines etc. and exhibits exceptional wet burst strength and stability when pre-saturated with cleaning solvent blends.

Key Product Features & Benefits:

– Ultrawipes sizing – 230 x 150mm. Supplied in resealable tub of 200 wipes.
– Also available in liquid format (Contact for quotation)
– Highly effective at removing solder paste and uncured adhesive.
– Ultrawipe material contain no wood pulp or reconstituted materials.
– 100% Bio-degradable
– Very low toxicity.
– Low odour
– Low vapour pressure and high performance.
– Low cost of ownership

Weight N/A

10L, EcoWipes (200 Tub), Ultrawipes (200 Tub)


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