TSC PureCast MGW37 Casting Alloy is a highly specialized alloy that offers a unique combination of properties. This alloy has proven highly successful for many years within the figurine casting sector due to its superior alloy characteristics, offering the end user a high level of intricate fine detail on castings of small and miniature figurines. This is further supported by its excellent flow properties, making it ideal for capturing those intricate fine details with total precision. TSC PureCast MGW37 is a variant of the earlier Grade 37 alloy but when cast the finished alloy is significantly harder, preventing any loss around fine details .

TSC PureCast MGW37 can be plated to achieve different finishes and enhance its appearance, providing flexibility in achieving desired surface characteristics. One of the key features of TSC PureCast Alloy MGW37 is its ability to produce castings with a surface finish that is free from porosity. This results in a wonderfully smooth and flawless final product, ensuring high-quality results in every casting.

Please note this product is sold per the kilogram and is supplied in Tinman Stick format. Each stick weighs approx. 250g (weight per stick may vary).

Key Product Features & Benefits:

– Supplied in Tinman Stick Format weighing approximately 250g (Sold by KG)
– Best choice for fine detail on small delicate castings
– Excellent high flow properties
– Very low surface porosity.
– Will accept a plated finish.
– Excellent surface finish
– Melt Point 225°C
– Working Temperature 290°C
– Density 7.89gm / cm3

Weight 1.10 kg


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