AIM’s CX18 is a no clean, flux cored wire solder designed to offer excellent soldering results with all alloys and on all surface finishes. Engineered for high operator satisfaction CX18 is a low odour/smoke formula which promotes thermal transfer and fast wetting without the need for additional flux.

CX18 post solder residues are minimal, clear and pass IPC-004A and IPC-004B SIR and corrosion requirements.

CX18 is available in AIM ‘s High Reliability Lead-Free Alloys, REL61™ and REL22™. These have been developed to meet the demands of an evolving solder market. Greater durability, lower costs and lower processing temperature are key drivers and AIM REL61 and REL22 provide assemblers with new tools to improve product quality in the assembly process. REL alloys have demonstrated reduced tin whisker formation as well as outperforming SAC alloys in thermal shock, vibration and drop shock resistance, making these alloys the ideal choice for all electronics applications.

Key Product Features & Benefits:

– Supplied in a range of lead-free alloys including REL22™, REL61™, SAC305 and SN100C (Other lead-free alloys and lead based variants may be available on request.
– Supplied on a 500g Reel
– No Clean Flux Formulation (2.5%)
– Fast Wetting
– Minimal/Clear Residue
– Extends Solder Tip Life
– Fully REACH and RoHS Compliant.
– Low Odour / Fumes
– Halogen Free as per EN14582.
– Meets J-STD-004B
– Flux Classification: ROL0

AIM’s Product Range available from the Solder Connection throughout Ireland and Northern Ireland only.

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