Senju ECOSolder ULT369 Series Solder Paste is Senju’s new state of the art solder paste, designed to address the engineering concerns regarding the trend towards increased component density and higher interconnect speeds, this further compounds the need to control heat radiation and overall energy dissipation.

Today we are seeing many BGA devices become thinner and thinner with each new iteration, this gives rise to the package flexing more easily during reflow. This in turn can cause a number of process issues from voiding, Head in Pillow (Hip ) to NWO (Non-wet Open). Any of these issues can effect the component functionality but also may lead to potential warranty issues further down the line due to interconnect failure.

ECOSolder ULT369 has been developed to address all these issues and should be a solder paste to consider when facing these new design issues. This solder paste has outstanding wetting ability and can help solderability issues on QFN packages especially the edges of the device, adding to its high flowability potential voids are easily discharged from underneath the device. ECOSOLDER ULT369 maintains its overall solderability even during high heat resistance. ULT369 has excellent printability parameters offering very good aperture filling and importantly excellent release characteristics even after extended stencil life. The solder paste shows very good viscosity stability throughout the day.

Key Product Features and Benefits:

– Low Voiding
– Excellent solderability.
– Best in class to reduce Head in Pillow.
– Superb screen life and printability.
– Long stencil life.
– Melting temperature: 217-220°C
– Flux Classification: ROL0
– Available in lead-free alloy M705 (SAC305).

Recommended Applications:

– Ultra-Fine pitch printing.
– Potential voiding issues on QFN Devices.
– Reducing HIP on thin BGA packages.
– High Reliability Designs.


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