Senju EcoSolder L29-145HF Low Temperature, Lead-Free Solder Paste has been developed as a high reliability soldering alloy, a direct replacement with a minimum peak temp of only 185°C v 245°C compared to traditional SAC alloy. Thereby offering you the potential to reduce energy consumption by up to 50% within the Surface Mount process area.

Significant improvements in wettability and stability have been developed with this new paste which has historically been proven difficult to achieve with conventional low temperature solder pastes. L29-145HF Solder Paste from Senju has similar usability properties as the more conventional Sn-Ag-Cu products.

In conjunction with overall mechanical reliability having been improved and drop shock performance in mixed alloy situation showing increased levels of strength.

As with all Senju solder pastes the powders are produced in house within strict manufacturing parameters, The individual particles are perfectly spherical and contain little if any oxidation, all of which gives a very stable and consistent solder paste.

Key Product Features and Benefits:

– Long Stencil Life: Tested up to 8 hours of continuous printing.
– Good voiding across various packages: BGAs, MLFs, DPAK, LGAs.
– Low temp reflow reduces Head-in-Pillow (HIP) & – – Non Wet Opens (NOW) defects.
– Reduce consumption energy
– Eliminate Flow soldering process
– Non-Wet Open decrease
– Flux Classification: ROL0
– Melting Temperature: 140-145°C
– Available in lead-free alloy L29 (Sn58/Bi/Sb/Ni)
– Available in Type 4 Particle Size

Recommended Applications:

– Compatible with Air or Nitrogen reflow ovens.
– Suitable with all SAC305 components!


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