Press Pin Fixtures are used to support a PCB and protect bottom-side components whilst compliant pins are pressed into the board.

A Press Pin Fixture accurately locates a pcb over the press pin support areas.These designs help to remove the risk of excessive pressure which can cause damage to the component.

The use of press fit connectors offers much higher pin density and can avoid costly rework due to solder bridging or thermal stresses due to excessive heating over the solder wave.
However the design of the press fit tooling is paramount in ensuring correct pressure is applied uniformly across the PCB together with maintaining correct pin alignment and offering a well-designed supporting structure in open areas to prevent damage to any surrounding components or delamination.

Key Product Features and Benefits:

– Quality designed and manufactured direct from PCB CAD file.
– Manufactured in Aerospace Aluminium.
– Easy fits to all common presses.
– Top and bottom tooling aligned with precision dowels.
– No distortion during use.
– Consistent pressure each cycle.
– Accurate Pin alignment.
– Fast turnaround from approved design.
– Low cost of ownership.


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