MicroCare Uncured Epoxy Presaturated Wipes (MCC-EPXW) are versatile cleaning wipes optimized for the removal of uncured epoxy from misprinted boards, stencils and squeegees. Using strong, shred-proof disposable wipes saturated in a powerful cleaning fluid, it quickly removes uncured epoxy resins with minimal effort. Also suitable for cleaning lead-free fluxes and pastes, water-soluble pastes and ‘no-clean” pastes. In its liquid form, it is a cost-effective choice for use in automatic stencil printers as it requires less solvent due to its highly activated chemistry. This formulation has been tested and accepted by DEK, EKRA, MPM and Panasonic for use in their stencil printers. Uncured Epoxy Cleaner – Expoxy is the ideal choice for perfectly clean stencils and screens.

Money-saving refills are available only from MicroCare (MCC-EPXWR). These contain the same wipes and fluid as the tubs above but reduce costs and helps protect the environment by encouraging the re-use of packaging. Refills are supplied in packs of 100 wipes.

Key Product Features & Benefits:

– Supplied as Tubs (MCC-EPXW) or Refill Packs (MCC-EPXWR)
– 100 Wipes per tub/pack measuring 8×5″ each.
– Economical refills eliminate solid waste and help protect the environment
– Ideal for PCB assembly and rework and repair operations
– Dissolves both organic and inorganic deposits including leaded and lead-free solder pastes, light oils, grease, grime, fingerprints
– The chip bonder cleaner also removes some inks and some acrylics
– The bulk (liquid) packaging is perfect for wetting under stencil rolls when cleaning solder paste in automatic stencil printers
– Ideal for cleaning misprinted boards- No residue, no rinsing, 100% VOC so it evaporates cleanly
– ESD-safe
– No rip, no lint, heavy duty fabric wipe – not paper
– ‘Slam-Shut” lid minimizes evaporation and keeps the wipes damp

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Refill Pack, Tub


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