MicroCare’s Reflow Oven Cleaner (MCC-ROC) attacks charred, baked-on flux residues that build up on reflow ovens. It also cleans pallets, conveyors, flux condensers, baffles, heating elements, clamps, chains, pulleys, gears and housings. This unique cleaner uses the latent heat generated by ovens and associated equipment to speed the cleaning of these essential systems to boost productivity and lower costs.

Reflow Oven Cleaner reduces cleaning time by 50%, reducing downtime by making the job fast and easy: when compared to flammable alcohol cleaners,. Further, using isopropyl alcohol to clean reflow ovens makes the cleaning more difficult because alcohol cures the residues, so the chore becomes slower and more difficult after each cleaning cycle.

Supplied as standard as a 340g Pump Spray. Other formats may be available on request.

Key Product Features & Benefits:

– Supplied as 340g Pump Spray. Other variations may be available on request.
– Ideal for preventative maintenance.
– Melts away burned-on flux residues from SMT wave solder machines and reflow ovens
– Cleans solder pallets, baffles, heating elements, clamps, chains, drive gears and housings, wave fingers and heat exchange units
– Use in dip tanks and ultrasonic cleaners or with hand wiping
– Use on warm ovens (105° F)
– Speeds cleaning of ovens even when warm – Activated by the residual heat of the oven
– Four times faster than IPA (isopropyl alcohol)
– Cleans all solder paste and flux residues, including RMA, no-clean and lead-free products
– Non-flammable for safety
– Non-foaming, leaves no residue

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