No-Clean Flux Remover – VeriClean (MCC-DC1107) is a moderately aggressive circuit cleaning fluid. Formulated with methyl siloxane (VMS) fluids, it dries quickly and residue-free. It is an effective flux remover as well as degreaser and general-purpose cleaner. With excellent environmental properties and affordable pricing, No-Clean Flux Remover – VeriClean is specified for use on manufacturing and production lines worldwide.

This versatile cleaner quickly removes fluxes, pastes, organic residues, polar soils, silicone-based conformal coatings, adhesives, greases, and oils. It is ideal for cleaning thru-hole, BGA and SMT design circuit boards, and for rinsing residues from connectors. Safe on all components. This formula has a low Global Warming Potential (GWP) and is exempt from VOC regulations in most areas. An ideal option for use on modern production lines.

The trigger spray allows easy single-handed operation. Dispense directly from the can or use with the MicroCare TriggerGrip cleaning system for faster, safer, and more economical process of cleaning printed circuit boards at the work bench. This option cuts cleaning costs by reducing fluid use by 66%.

Key Product Features & Benefits:

– Supplied as 284g Aerosol. Other variations may be available on request.
– Removes residue from no clean soldering fluxes and pastes
– Ideal for cleaning thru-hole and SMT designs, getting under BGA chips, and rinsing residue from connectors
– Good on oils, grease, and many adhesives
– Cleans other types of fluxes and pastes, organic residues, and Ionics
– Dissolves fully cured silicone-based conformal coatings
– Swells silicone tubing- TriggerGrip™ cleaning system compatible
– Low odour for a better work environment
– Mild cleaner is non-corrosive and safe on plastics

Weight 0.75 kg


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