Bioact EC-7R is a specially formulated semi-aqueous terpene defluxing product which provides easy and convenient recycling or disposal of aqueous rinse water. Bioact EC-7R has been proven to be effective in removing synthetic, water-soluble and rosin based flux residues.

EC-7R, after being rinsed from the assembly surface, separates in a semi-static holding for tank at room temperatures. This enables the users to either discharge the water portion directly to drain without pre-treatment, or to recycle the water back into the cleaning process.

Key Product Features & Benefits:

– Contains no CFCs or chlorinated solvents. Does not deplete stratospheric ozone.
– Effective cleaning at ambient temperature
– High flux loading capacity
– Water rinsable
– Non-corrosive
– Fast, easy and complete separation from rinse water effluent

Technical Bulletin
Weight 19.93 kg


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