A range of replacement brushes for use with MicroCare’s TriggerGrip™ Cleaning Tool. Available in three options, dependent on application. Brushes are priced and supplied individually.

MCC-RBNB is the standard replacement brush supplied with the TriggerGrip™.

MCC-RBNB2 has ‘Slo-Flo’ restrictor built-in to reduce solvent flow – handy when working with with slower-drying solvents.

MCC-SMB is a smaller TriggerGrip™ brush for cleaning tightly spaced SMT and hybrid PCB’s.

Key Product Features & Benefits:

– Priced and supplied per brush
– Available in three brush types (Standard, Slo-Flo & SMT)
– Brushes slip easily into place for fast replacements and less down time
– Brushes typically last 3-4 months under normal conditions, but replace more frequently for the best quality cleaning
– Made with natural bristles for ED control

Weight N/A

Slo-Flo (RBNB2), Standard (RBNB), Surface Mount (SMB)


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