M68 Paper Masking Tapes are high temperature rubber adhesive tapes that are designed for critical masking applications where high temperatures are required. These tapes are applied to PCB’s to guard against moisture, dust, chemicals and extreme temperatures during soldering processes like wave soldering or conformal coating

Designed for masking component holes or areas on PCBs during, this pressure sensitive masking tape will withstand a 30 minutes exposure up to 160°C. There is no adhesive transfer when the discs are removed, and the rubber-based adhesive contains no silicones. The tape however should be removed before any solvent cleaning process takes place. The special impregnation within the tape will not allow most conformal coatings or varnishes to adhere or wet. Consequently, this material is highly suitable for applications allowing easy removal and a well-defined mask area.

M68 Paper Tapes are available to buy online in a range of widths. For more specialised applications or if you require a size not listed please contact our sales team to discuss your application.

Key Product Features & Benefits:

– Available in a wide range of widths
– Supplied on a 50M reel
– Designed for Solder and conformal coating masking
– Rubber based high temperature adhesive
– No curing time required
– No residue remaining

Weight N/A

11mm, 12.7mm, 19.05mm, 25.4mm, 50mm, 6mm, 9.55mm


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