Our full work station kit provides a quick and easy way to set up your electronics workbench; giving you full protection against any static generation.

Full Work Station Kit is excellent at keeping you grounded when working with static-sensitive devices. This includes printed circuit boards, computer motherboards, hybrid bio-electronic devices and more. Please see the technical datasheet for more information.

Kit Includes:

x 1 Static dissipative rubber bench mat (KSMLF)
x 1 Static dissipative floor mat (BFM)
x 1 Premium coil cord (CCS)
x 1 Straight grounding lead (SCJ)
x 1 Premium wrist strap (HCA10)
x1 Earth bonding plug (BP)
x1 ESD rigid awareness sign (Sign)
– 3mm thick.
– Standard colour is dark blue; available in other colours on request.
– Resistant to abrasion, heat and solder splash.
– Available in custom sizes on request.
– Three layers (static-dissipative surface, conductive centre and static-dissipative backing).
– Compliant to IEC 61340-5-1 and ANSI 520.20 specifications.
– Synthetic ESD rubber material.
– Excellent lay-flat properties.
– Highly durable.
– RoHS and REACH compliant.


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