Kisling ergo® 7440 Two Component Epoxy Resin is a black, toughened, pasty epoxy resin for application with composite or metal parts. The resin provides excellent strength build up after pot life, good heat resistance up to 140 °C as well as good mechanical properties wo-component-epoxy-resin which cures at room temperature. Speed of cure is possible by increase in temperature. This adhesive once cured has excellent strength properties together with good adhesion to metals and hard plastics including carbon composites.

Both resin and hardener components must be mixed in advance with a ratio 1:1, this is easily achieved using the double cartridge system fitted with the static mixing tube, mixing is 100% and will prevent cure failures in production.

Always ensure that the surfaces to be joined are clean, dry and free from grease and general contamination The surfaces must be clean, which means, dry and free of dust and grease. For this reason it is recommended to use either the ergo.® cleaner 9190 for metal or the ergo cleaner 9195 for plastics.

Pot life 40 / 60 minutes. Fixture time 3 hours, , final strength 2 / 3 days.

This product must be used alongside 4472007 Helix Mixing Nozzle and 4472101 Dispensing Gun, which are sold separately. For further information see here.

Key Product Features and Benefits:

– High toughness
– Excellent adhesion to composite materials and metals
– High strength at elevated temperatures
– Good chemical resistance
– High temperature resistance
– Product is a two part system consisting of ergo.® 7428 and ergo.® 7429

All ergo.® hazard-free adhesives and sealants bear the Kisling sustainability label. This label stands for highest quality, performance and sustainability in all phases of the product life cycle, from purchase to production and manufacturing to disposal.

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