The Metcal DX-350 Digital dispenser is fully microprocessor controlled with complete intuitive feedback clearly showing all settings on the LCD screen. The memory can store 10 individual settings for precise pressure control, time duration and the amount of vacuum pull back to prevent stringing and material waste after application.

This dispenser will create accurate and repeatable lines or dots of materials such as solder paste, potting compounds, gasket materials, SMD adhesives etc.

For very low viscosity materials operating at 0- 15 PSI, the DX-355 Dispensing System is recommended.

A full range of Dispensing Needles and Dispensing Accessories .

Key Product Features & Benefits:

– Small footprint and light weight.
– Complete with handpiece holder, dispensing tips, spare barrels, and foot switch.
– Highly accurate and repeatable microprocessor-controlled dispenser.
– 10 programmable settings and 4 dispense modes
– Fully adjustable vacuum pull back for controlling drips of fluid between dispense cycles.
– 0 to 100 PSI for general applications.
– Accurate reproduction of sequences of beads or dots.
– Digital timer, pressure & vacuum read outs
– I/O Interface for robotic applications

Weight 3.52 kg


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