The Metcal CV-IOT Gateway Module with a Metcal Connection Validation™ systems enables you to capture data for real-time productivity and track soldering events as they happen.

With the powerful Connection Validation® systems and the new Metcal CV-IOT gateway, manufacturers get more soldering data than ever before. Seamlessly monitor all solder joints – not just locally, but from any location on your network and receive information including solder cartridge used, solder temperature and power profiles, dwell time, good and bad solder joint ratings and more, to help improve your process control and efficiency when hand soldering.

CV-IOT includes the gateway module only. CV Systems available for purchase separately.

Key Product Features & Benefits:

– Capture all your soldering data.
– Offers access to dynamic or static reports that can be generated locally or anywhere in the world.
– Plug directly into your network.
– Intuitive Dashboard enables you to view solder events, tip life, production floor updates which highlights how many stations are on/off, ground fault events, and total solder joints by station.
– Data generated in real-time.
– Change metadata for easier understanding.
– Easily view productivity and system status at-a-glance.
– Refine data views through filters and user configurations.
– Ability to download your detailed data to a CSV file to evaluate and create queries.
– Easily add a barcode scanner (not included) to scan PCB boards or other items.

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