AIM RMA258-15R is a rosin-based solder paste that has been developed to offer long pause-to-print capabilities while enhancing fine print definitions. RMA258-15R reduces such defects as voiding and eliminates head-in-pillow. The superior wetting ability of RMA258-15R results in bright, smooth and shiny solder joints. RMA258-15R is capable of exceptional reflow during long, hot profiles. RMA258-15R leaves medium, amber colored post process residues.

Supplied as standard in leaded alloys Sn63/Pb37 and Sn62/Pn36/Ag2. For lead-free alloys please click here.

Key Product Features & Benefits:

– Long Pause-to-Print Capabilities
– Enhances Fine Print Definitions
– No Head-in-Pillow
– Excellent Wetting, Even Leadless Devices
– Exceptional Reflow During Long, Hot Profiles
– Reduced Voiding
– Available in Industry Standard Sizes
– ROL0 per IPC J-STD-004

Weight 0.55 kg


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