The AC-BVX250-DUCT Adaptor allows users of the BVX-250 Extractor to directly duct their extraction system into the building ventilation via 3″ ducting.

The BVX-250 fume extractor can be easily modified for direct connection to a ducting system. As standard the unit is supplied with a removable diverter which can be replaced with the AC-BVX250-DUCT adapter. It is secured to the BVX-250 using the same tab system as the diverter. 3″ ducting can then be attached to the adaptor using an adjustable worm clamp.

This part is the adaptor only and does not include ducting.

Key Product Features & Benefits:

– Adaptor for direct ducting of BVX-250 exhaust to building ventilation via 3″ ducting
– This item is an adapter only: Ducting and clamp not included
– Fume extractor sold separately

Weight 0.55 kg


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