Killstat KSFCGAL ESD Floor Cleaner is a ready-to-use, water-based formula, great for cleaning vinyl and rubber floors effectively. A specially formulated floor cleaning solution for effective cleaning and long-term static control. This KillStat floor cleaner removes contaminations from ESD flooring to ensure maximum efficiency.

An ESD floor requires specialised care when it comes to cleaning. For your floor to perform its best long-term, cleaning it regularly with an ESD floor cleaner is essential. If you do not clean or maintain your antistatic floor, you could compromise the ESD properties of the floor. This could lead to expensive replacement costs of the damaged electronics and the floor itself. This cleaner is an excellent choice for removing contaminations off ESD flooring and eliminating static.

Key Product Features & Benefits:

– Concentrated, water-based, liquid solution. A long-term solution for static control.
– Ready to use. No dilution required.
– 1 Gallon (4.54 litres). Covers approx 100 sq. meters.
– Effective cleaner. Removes and cleans contaminations on ESD vinyl and rubber flooring materials.
– Translucent dark blue in colour.
– Pleasant soap odour.
– Handle for ease of carrying.
– Screw-cap. For easy access.
– ESD susceptible symbol features on packaging.

Weight 5.39 kg


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