Qualitek Rework Wands are flux-filled applicator pens designed for hand-soldering assembly or rework applications of circuit boards. Three types are available, Rosin Mildly Activated, No Clean & Water Soluble. Both R.M.A. and No Clean have non-corrosive, non-conductive residues. Water Soluble Rework Wands were designed for complete water solubility of post-soldering residues.

Flux Classifications:

RMA Flux Classification: ROL1
No Clean Flux Classification: ORL0
Water Soluble Flux Classification: ORH1

Key Product Features and Benefits:

– Supplied as a 10ml pen.
– Available in three flux types: RMA, No Clean & Water Soluble
– Easy application of flux to specific areas
– Suitable for Hand Soldering or Rework Applications
– Indefinite shelf life

Weight N/A

No Clean, RMA, Water Soluble


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