TSC Puralloy® 62/36/2 is a leaded, silver bearing solder alloy which continues to be used extensively within the micro-electronics sector, used primarily to solder components on to silver-coated surfaces such as silver fired conductors on to ceramic substrates. The addition of silver to the Sn/Pb soft solder alloy greatly reduces the potential of erosion or migration of the silver element of the coating. Silver will migrate into the tin at around 2%, therefore the additional of silver within the alloy will buffer this action. The presence of silver also enhances the alloys mechanical properties including the joint strength due to the formation of the ductile Ag/ Sn intermetallic. This solder is very close to being a eutectic alloy and exhibits excellent wetting and capillary action together with good cosmetics and a lower melting range.

Key Features & Benefits:

– Leaded Solder Alloy
– Melt Point – 179°C
– Prevents dissolution of silver away from the solder joint.
– Excellent mechanical properties.
– Very good wetting and capillary action.
– Low melting point range.
– Extensively used in the micro-electronic and hybrid industry
– Available in a range of formats including Bar, Tinman Sticks, Blowpipe and Feed Wire

Technical Properties:

– Density 8.41 g/cm3
– Electrical Resistivity 0.145 micro-ohms/M
– Thermal conductivity 50W/m/K
– Tensile Strength 490 Kgf/cm2
– Brinell Hardness 16HB


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