Used for SMT and through-hole hand processes, the PCT-100 uses convection air heating to heat a PCB first, for better soldering, improved process control and increased productivity.

The PCT-100 Focus Pre-heater adds heat volume, without turning up the temperature, to perform assembly tasks at the appropriate peak temperature without distorting the board.

This part is supplied with a PCT-100 Pre Heater and Arm Rest (PCT-AR) .

Key Product Features & Benefits:

– Supplied with a PCT-100 Pre Heater and Arm Rest (PCT-AR).
– Speeds up the lead-free SMT & through-hole rework and repair process
– Temperature ramps up quickly and stabilisers quickly, maximizing your productivity.
– Controlled cool-down eliminates thermal shock to PCB and components.
– Thermocouple feedback temperature control regulates and stabilisers output temperature.
– System heating will automatically shut down heating when convection fan has stopped.
– Designed to be ESD safe through out.

Weight 1.76 kg


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